Teal Blue Sea Glass Necklace
Teal Blue Sea Glass Necklace

Teal Blue Sea Glass Necklace

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This piece of natural teal blue colored sea glass, was hand-wrapped in solid faceted sterling silver wire to become part of the Florida West Jewelry Tide Collection. 

Chain: 18" sterling silver (.925)

Sea Glass Dimensions:  1 1/8"L x 1 1/8"W (28mm x 28mm)

Overall Pendant Dimensions:  1 1/2"L x 1 1/8"W (40mm x 28mm)

If you would prefer a 15", or a 16" chain instead of the 18" - just request when placing your order so that we can accommodate you :)

Veteran Owned - American Hand Made
Florida West Artisans is a veteran owned small business, and all items are handmade in our Sarasota Studio by American Craftsmen.
Each piece of jewelry is individually artist cut, formed, forged, wrapped, beaded..... and so slight artist variances can occur from the product photos.
Those variances are what make each piece authentic, beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  We feel that that's the best part of handmade  :)

Pendant handmade with:

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Argentium(r) is the the finest of sterling, alloyed with germanium, rather than copper.  It is more pure than solid sterling silver which is .925 pure (925 parts out of 1000 parts pure silver)  Argentium(r) is .940 pure silver (940 parts out of 1000 parts pure silver), and is more white and more tarnish resistant than standard sterling silver.

"The SeaGlass"  by Holly Strawderman Pisaturo  Jan 2019
tossed in tempest, and not comforted
once something loved and cherished,
now only a memory of what was, barely recognizable
being reborn, and glorified
molded and shaped anew by the raging sea and the sands of time
oh wait - now exquisite, and fresh, and breath, and honored